Tremaine Enterprises | Services

Public Insurance Adjusting:
Our firm provides public insurance adjusting services that are staffed with trained and licensed individuals who have experience in damages/losses arising from: Wind/Hail, Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, Water Damage, Fire, Seismic (Earthquake), Landslides, Subsidence, Vandalism, Business Interruption, Loss of Rents, Extra Expense, Additional Living Expenses and Contents (personal property).  The time following a disaster can be stressful and can lead to a policy holder missing critical deadlines and overlooking available/applicable coverage(s).  With our qualifications we represent the insured, alleviating the burden of managing the claims process.  This service is comprised of working with the insured to compile all necessary and relevant information requested by the insurance carrier as required under the policy.  In representing the insured we interview, investigate, assess damages and provide reports in order to best present your claim.  We facilitate the need for site inspections, investigations, and claim meetings, and negotiate on your behalf, while keeping you informed every step of the way.  We orchestrate all necessary additional consultants and/or experts in the evaluation and presentation of your claim.  Our extensive network of industry consultants and specialist are ready to mobilize on your behalf should the need arise.  With our support, you do not have to navigate these troubled waters alone.  

Insurance Claims Management:
We manage the presentation of damages for your claim.  We design a strategic approach and provide oversight with various vendors working on your behalf in order to best present your claim.   We supervise the time management aspect of this process in order to facilitate an expeditious resolution.   We assist the insured in following the guidelines and fulfilling requirements required by the insurance carrier and/or the policy.  We keep you apprised of all activities and communications throughout your claims process.

Insurance Claims Consulting:
We consult with insured and/or their authorized representative in the assessment of damages.  This is comprised of policy review, investigations, structure inspections, and the examination of records, claims files and reports.  With the information obtained, we are then able to provide a comprehensive opinion and/or report for the insured or their representatives to present their claim.  

Insurance Appraisal:
Under the provisions of most insurance policies, either party may make a request to invoke the appraisal process.  This process moves portions of your claim to a third party panel.  We are experienced and can represent you or your authorized representative during this process. 

Disaster Damage Assessment and Remediation Protocol:
In the event of a water or fire loss, it is essential that the damages are documented in a thorough and timely fashion.  With certifications by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), Windstorm Insurance Network and Professional Infrared Training Institute we have been trained and qualified to properly assess damages of this nature. With state of the art equipment (moisture meters, thermal imagining cameras, etc.) we are able to detect and document the true extent and nature of damages in a manner that will provide evidence in support of your claim.